Basketball Coaches

All coaches/grade managers will be required to attend one of the Ref/Coach clinics scheduled for the first week in December:
Session 1 :  Wednesday 12/6 7:30pm Sandburg 1
Session 2 : Saturday 12/9 12:00pm Sandburg 1

Coaches Code of Conduct

To ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, skill development, and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials, and spectators are the primary considerations governing competition, the following Code of Conduct has been established. 

Each COACH will ensure that his/her conduct sets the example for team members and spectators. To satisfactorily meet these responsibilities, the COACH is expected to:

  1. Know the rules and abide by them.
  2. Instruct team members in the rules and coach his/her team in such a way as to motivate each player to always compete according to the rules. 
  3. Respect the referees and refrain from questioning their decisions in a disrespectful or abusive manner. 
  4. Ensure that all gym rules and regulations are followed by the players and the spectators. 
  5. Ensure that fanes of his/her team always conduct themselves with sportsmanship and maturity while in attendance at game sites; assist referees in maintaining control of spectators during the games. 
  6. Respect the coaches and players of the opposing team both during the play of the game and at is conclusion, win or lose. 
  7. Teach each player, especially through personal example, to be humble and generous in victory and proud and courteous in defeat. 
  8. Maintain control of his/her emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or gestures which may be interpretated as hostile and humiliating. 
  9. Instruct team support personnel (ex: Assistant Coaches, scorekeepers, etc) in their responsibilities in accordance with established rules and procedures. 
  10. Realize, accept, and practice by the principle that a team’s reputation is built not only on it’s individual playing ability but also on the sportsmanship courtesy and manner of each individual player.

Coaches who fail to comply with the above code of conduct are subject to suspension and/or removal from coaching duties.  


Coaches Resources

Fort Hunt Sports abides by the Positive Coaching Alliance mission. You can find valuable resoureces here.