The Pitch

The Pitch (Field)

The rugby pitch is a rectangular playing field, up to 100m try (goal) line to try line, with a try zone at each end that can measure up to 22m deep.  The pitch may be up to 70m wide, but usually is approximately 60m wide.  Rugby can be played on gridiron football or soccer fields.

For youth rugby, especially for the younger kids playing touch, the dimensions of the field will be decreased.Laws of the Game | World Rugby Laws

Field markings are minimal, and most are there only to aid the players in proper placement and spacing for events such as kickoffs, lineouts, and scrums near the try lines.

For all pitch markings, any player or ball contact with any part of a line invokes the Laws regarding that line (more below). Touching the out of bounds lines means the ball/player is out.  A ball touched down on the try line is a score.

The center of the field is marked with the midway or center line.  Ten meters from the center line is the Ten-Meter Line.  This is the distance a kickoff must travel for play to commence.

Located approximately 22m from each try line is the–wait for it–22-Meter Line.  This line is very important in rugby, as the Laws of the Game differentiate actions and consequences in front of and behind this line, usually relating to kicking, and usually in favor of the defender.

The try line is the goal line.  The try line is in the goal area, and a ball touched down on or beyond the try line constitutes a try.  At the back of the in-goal area is the Dead-Ball Line.  Both the Dead-Ball Line and the Touch-In-Goal lines (the sidelines for the in-goal area) are in touch (out of bounds).

Parallel to both try lines and 5m from it in the playing area will be a few dashed lines.  These are positional references for the formation of 5-meter scrums, lineouts, and penalties.

The Touch Line is the sideline between the two try lines.  Contact with any part of the line constitutes out of bounds.

There are field flags positioned on each side of the field at the midway line, the 22m lines, and at all four corners of the try zone.