Registration FAQs

Full registration for Fort Hunt Rugby entails the following:

Players must meet both requirements to play in scrimmages and matches, and to be eligible for tours and selection for all-star teams.

(Generally) Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get out of rugby?

Fun, excitement, fitness, travel, comraderie, lots of playing opportunity, learning a lifetime sport from nationally certified coaches with combined playing/coaching/refereeing/administration experience of more than 500 years.  We offer fun and exciting practices and matches in a very successful program run by highly experienced rugby players, referees, administrators and fully qualified coaches, with opportunities for regional, national, and international travel, and opportunities for state- and national-level representational teams.  We realize players and parents have many youth sports choices, and we’re thrilled you’ve chosen Fort Hunt Rugby–thank you.

My son/daughter doesn’t know anything about rugby–can he/she still play?

Of course.  We will teach you to play.  We’ll teach parents how to coach…

Are there tryouts?
No.  Everyone may sign up, and everyone plays.  There are no tryouts.  There are no cuts.
Is there a geographic restriction?
No.  Anyone from anywhere may play with us.  We have had players join us from Centerville, Great Falls, Montgomery Country, Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg, and even Richmond.

I would like assistance with paying the fee…

No problem; we will work it out.  Talk to your respective coach and we will sort it out.  No player will ever be turned away for this reason.  You still must register with both USA Rugby and FHYAA if you want to participate but we will sort out payment with you, one on one.

How do we register?

Go to the homepage, and the registration link as at top right.  A credit card is required for online registration.  If you don’t have a credit card, contact us and we will help get you registered.

Can I register manually/in person?

Of course.  Please contact John Dacey at, 301 503 3377, or talk to any coach.

When can we register?

Registration for each rugby year opens in the first week of September and remains open until August of the following year.

What is the registration fee?

The USA Rugby fee is approximately $65 for each player; this changes slightly from year to year

The FHYAA/Fort Hunt Rugby fee is $200 for high school and $175 for middle school and youth.

What do I get for these registration fees?
  • High school: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019, 2021, and 2022 boys state-championship team and 2017 Mid-Atlantic Premier League grand-slam champion in 2017, and ranked nationally in the Top 20 in the past six years; girls consistent top finisher in state competitions.  Both varsity programs coached by highly experienced and nationally certified coaches and local youth organization leaders.  Opportunities to compete for regional all-star teams and play with them in regional competitions, try out for national-level teams, and opportunities for travel, including regional and possible international touring.
  • Youth/Middle School: a new program designed to introduce younger–5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade–girl players to tackle rugby, to mature and eventually move up to our high school teams.

How many can register/play?

There are no tryouts–everyone makes the team.  There are 23 competitive slots for the varsity A side each week, and all other players will play on the JV or freshman/sophomore sides.  Games have free substitution, so any player can play at any time.  The best and most dedicated players play on the higher-level teams, as is the case with any varsity sports program.  Everyone plays; no one is left out.

What if I live in Alexandria, or somewhere else outside Fairfax County?

Anyone from anywhere can play rugby with us; there are no administrative or geographic restrictions.  For players who live outside Fairfax County, specifically any coming from Arlington County or Alexandria City, Fairfax County requires an offset fee for the use of Fairfax County fields.  This fee is $30 per player, in addition to the registration fee.

Can I get a refund?

USA Rugby registrations generally are not refundable.  You’ll have to speak with them directly if you wish a refund.

For Fort Hunt Sports registrations, in most circumstances, yes, and usually partial.  Any refund usually will be pro-rated based on the amount of time the player has engaged in the season.  Keep in mind that registration fees often are very quickly obligated to club expenses, such as training courses, fields, lighting, referee fees, trainer fees, equipment, etc., which will affect a refund amount.  Contact John Dacey at or 301 503 3377.