Our Future

We strive for longevity, for an enduring program in the decades to come of rugby for youth of all ages in the Fort Hunt area and anyone else who chooses to come join us.

Long-term, we want Fort Hunt Rugby to be a common name in our neighborhood and community, and nationally.
We want to continue to win state championships.
We want to tour, nationally or internationally, roughly every other year.
We want coaches who are fully trained, and who return each year.  We want alumni players to return to help coach.
We want alumni players who have become parents themselves, to bring their children into the Fort Hunt program, or who create their own youth rugby programs in their area.
We would like to establish a trust/fund for the long-term income purposes of the club, to ensure its survival and viability, and to serve as a source of scholarship funding for those players who require assistance to participate.
If you would like to assist with any of these, or have ideas about realizing these goals, please contact us.