Fort Hunt rugby Programs

This is registration for:

  • Fort Hunt Rugby coaches and volunteers for the 2023-2024 rugby year.
  • Fort Hunt boys/girls high school rugby for the rugby year 1 September 2023-31 August 2024.
  • Fort Hunt boys/girls middle school and girls youth rugby for the rugby year 1 September 2023-31 August 2024.

Registration with the club (and therefore with Fort Hunt Sports) is mandatory for all players.  Players who have not registered with USA Rugby via Rugby Xplorer (a separate, mandatory registration, a player/parent responsibility) AND with Fort Hunt Rugby may not participate in any activity, including meetings or training.

Please fill out the registration in its entirety, noting there are a number of statements you must digitally acknowledge and sign.

Pay close attention to:

  • The request for medical information; list all applicable medical conditions and/or medication
  • The required electronic signatures on the waivers from USA Rugby and Rugby Virginia
  • The required acknowledgments for the player and parent/spectator codes of conduct

If you cannot pay the entire registration fee or need assistance:

  • Fill out the entire registration form, from beginning to end, then stop
  • Contact your team coach or John Dacey to make arrangements for partial payment or to arrange for a scholarship

Note that club policy is that all players must be a member in good standing of the club to participate in scrimmages and matches, and to be a member in good standing must be registered with both USA Rugby and Fort Hunt Rugby AND have made a full or current partial payment of club fees.

If you have questions, contact John Dacey at, 301-503-3377.

We have several rugby programs at Fort Hunt Rugby, browse our selection below.